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Tall and leggy with a pretty face, 28-year-old Kelly dressed in a swelte black gown, sways gracefully to the music, moving between tables as she sings with her laptop playing the backing tracks. She sings songs like You’re beautiful and Someone like you and her clear voice creates a relaxed atmosphere at the bar at Taj Krishna.
Kelly has been in the city for a year now, singing at the bar and at Alfresco, the restaurant. As the bar starts to get busy and people nurse their drinks, she belts out love songs from the 60s to contemporary numbers like Waka Waka and even Indian hits like It’s the time to disco and Kolaveri di. But being a lounge singer is much more than just showing up in a slinky gown and singing pop numbers. Says Kelly, “As a lounge singer, it is my job to make the guests feel at home. I sense the mood and sing accordingly so you could say I am also a mood maker. And I don’t just stand there and sing. I move around among the guests, say hello and make polite conversation. So I am more of a hostess at the place where I sing really.”
Singing since she was a child, Kelly has been fortunate to travel to several places as a lounge and wedding singer. Belonging to a family of singers in England, Kelly believes she inherited the talent from her grandfather who worked with stars like Cary Grant and Shirley Bassey. Though she hails from England, Kelly has not had a chance to sing for the queen — yet.

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