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Awa is a beautiful sultry multi-talented pianist, keyboard player, composer, vocalist, arranger, musical manager and professor from Paris who discovered her love and natural ability for the piano as a child. As a young girl she began her classical education at the Regional Music Academy Conservatory of Avignon playing piano, singing in choirs and professional masteries while mastering self taught improvisation, jazz and the music of other continents. Later Awa entered European trainings, music schools and Academy Conservatory in Paris and Italy where she studied with personalities such as Enrico PIERANUZI, Nicolas FOLMER, Franco d' ANDREA, Stéphano BATTAGLIA, Paulo FRESU, Enrico RAVA, Furio DI CASTRI, Samy ABENAÏM, and Bernard MAURY, and took singing lessons with Geraldine ROS in Paris. She was awarded a diploma in 1999 by the famous Bill Evans Piano Academy. Awa combined her artistic experiences often in an approach more close to a reconciliation of the African Diaspora. You can hear the wealth of her creativity and the sweetness of her voice in many several musical styles and combinations from a duo to Big Band, or in intimate solos often performing at the Sunset, the New Morning, in the Banlieues Bleues Festival, in the Opus, in the Reservoir, in La Scene, in Baisé Salé, in the Festival Jazz in Toulon, in the Festival Spirit Jazz, in 7 Lizards, to the Man Ray, and in Cithéa, in Paris Prague Jazz Club, to television channels Mezzo, Fance 2, France O and M6 with Kamaro, on the local Radio stations.

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