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Arkadio José Jiménez Rodríguez was born in Barakaldo (Bilbao, Spain) in 1974. His interest in magic started at the age of 10 when he saw for the first time a magician working in a Theatre. His professional career began when he was called to work as a magician for “Universal Studios Port Aventura” in Salou (Tarragona, Spain). He took part in the “Magic Spanish Championship” in 2005 where he got the first prize in the Manipulation category. He also took part in the “Magic French Championship” in 2006 where he won the first prize in the Manipulation category too and the “Audience” prize. In 2007, he was given the “Mandrakes D´Or” in Paris. He then performed his Show all over the world (Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy…). In 2008, he was called to work in the famous TV French program: “Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde”, later he was invited to participate in the prestigious competition “Magic Star”, which is organized by the Monegasque family, and won the first prize, the “Baguette D´Or”, which was given to him by the Prince Albert of Monaco. Since then, he has been working in numerous Festivals, Events and TV shows all over the world.

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